Our approach to software development consultation has always been one of collaboration and discovery; our consultants will understand you and your strategies for growth in the present, medium and in the long-term. They’ll support you in defining what your software must do and what it must not do.


Fast Food & Restaurant epos software
ITD caterSoft is our easy to use, restaurant and takeaway, order management software suite. Created in collaboration with fast food and catering industry professionals, it is ready for business, touch screen enabled, with an intutive interface designed to be both fast and user friendly.
Key Features:
– Affordable EPOS Solution 
– Employee tranining is fast and easy
– Simple to use interface
– Bulid in UK Post Codes / Search
– Bookings & Reservations
– Kitchen monitor
– Caller ID/Number recognition
– Seamless Credit Card Integration
– e-Commerce integration
– Staff clock in & clock out
– Hourly sales reports
– Sales by departments, and products reports
– Daily, Weekly, monthly, yearly reports
– Historic X/Z reads
– Stock usage
– Backup & Restore tools


Retail & Convenience Store epos software
 ITD RetailSoft saves you time and money coupled with second to none reliability, availability and support, and to enhance our suite of world class software.
Key Features:
_ User-friendly
– Large, easy-to-read Hotkey entry buttons
– Multiple price bands
– Offers and Promotions
– Sales by weight
– Discount calculations
– Supplier Management
– Price Embedded barcode
– Staff login and logout
– Purchase order
– e-Commerce Ready
– Create customer database
– Print End of Day, Till, Cashier, Category, and Full reports
– Print Daily, Weekly, monthly, yearly reports

ITDlogisoft, ITDcaterlcloud, ITDretailcloud

Cash & Carries , Cater, Retail and Warehouse epos software.
ITDsoftware provides you with complete remote management of your entrie epos system combined with unrivaled data interrogation, it can records all your data in real-time – you can virtually see every sale as it happeneds. All data is instantly updated and you access it in clear and easy to use charts and graphs on any device you are using.
Key Features:
– View Sales Data
– Check Stock Levels
– Manage Prices
– Compare Sales Figures
– Product Sales by Hour/Day/Week/Month/%/Top 10/ Discounsts
– Category Sales by by Hour/Day/Week/
– Staff Sales by Hour/Day/Week/Month
– Finacial Payment Types and Tax Report
– Till and Store Sales by Hour/Day/Week/Month


Customer Relationship Management software
Fed-up of using same featureless CRM software – designed to do everything apart from what you really need? We created ITD CRM because we can, and what we needed was not available on the market. ITD CRM software has been designed from the group up to streamline your business operations, from contacts, to reminders, to qoutes, to invoicing, in addition to the usaual stuff, Our software is very sophisticated but easy to use, created specfically for today’s fast moving wholesale retailing market.
Key Features:
– All information, all the time
– Multi user, multi site, multi organisation ready
– Instant information sharning across the network & beyond
– Note Prioritising (low – meduim – high)
– Instant netowrk wide messaging
– Caller ID Enabled
– Email/SMS Marketing
– User/Customer Profile
– Company Profile
– Contacts
– Quotes
– Invoicing & Printing
– Bookings & Reminders
– Returns management
– Letters & Reports

We are here to help you through every step of the way.